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PETCO is an I.S.O. 9001:2008 Certified supplier of fabricated goods, print rolls and
coating rolls committed to world class quality in all of our products and services.

PETCO dedicates special resources to each of our product markets.


specialty parts

Specialty Engineered Parts & Rolls
PETCO’s versatility and fabrication expertise is most evident in the products that we supply in our specialty engineered parts division.  From folder nips and sheeter jaw blades for the graphic arts industry to bumper pads and shock absorbers for material handling customers, we have developed a broad history of performance guidelines that enable us to engineer the best fabrication compounds for every part that we produce.

Graphic Arts Rolls
PETCO provides a wide range of roll coverings for the largest commercial printers in the United States.  We supply roller compounds for web and sheetfed offset, flexo, gravure, converting, heat set and non-heat set newspaper customers.

purple rolls


Coating & Industrial Rolls
PETCO produces polyurethane and rubber roller compounds for the coil coating, metal decorating, paper and steel mill, and many other industrial markets.   Our quality assurance programs certify the most stable, consistent, clean roll coverings available.


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